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What is the digital vaccination network?

The digital vaccination network optimizes your vaccination revenue streams by aggregating numerous vaccination opportunities into a single interface that follows your workflow. You’ll generate revenue in three ways when you join the network:

  • Payer programs
  • Self-insured employer programs
  • Vaccination Digital marketing programs

When you join the network, you’ll receive all the software you need to participate in the network programs. List all your locations to maximize your revenue stream. Indicate which vaccines you carry and your hours of availability and we’ll connect you through our payer and employer contracts to patients who will access your vaccination services.

How it Works

Complete the self-onboarding to join the vaccination network img
Complete the self-onboarding to join the vaccination network. You can join the network if you are a pharmacy, hospital, physician’s office, health department or an onsite vaccination services company. You are joining the preferred vaccination network for network patients who will come to you for their vaccines.
You can add as many locations as you want to the network img
You can add as many locations as you want to the network.
Patients find your location and schedule an appointment img
Patients find your location and schedule an appointment and arrive for their appointment. There is NO paperwork to do because that is against our digital health religion (and we’re sure you’ll be converted soon).
All you need to do is document which vaccines you administered img
All you need to do is document which vaccines you administered and submit a claim as you normally would or, if the patient is part of AZOVA’s employer contract program, then you complete the chart and we’ll pay you.

We’ll provide all the training you need when you join the network so no need to worry!

Sign up and List your Locations

What do I get paid?

You’ll receive payment from payer programs just as you do now when the patient is referred to the network through a payer program or, AZOVA will pay you directly for the cost of the vaccine plus an administration fee when we send you a patient through our self-insured employer programs.

If you want even more patients, you can also opt into the vaccinations digital marketing package and we’ll send you even more patients who are searching for your services online. Sign up for the network to review reimbursement rates and opt into our vaccination programs.

When do I get paid for services I provide through the network?

AZOVA will pay you each month in the first week of the month for services that you provided in the previous month. You must complete each patient encounter in order to get paid. That’s all. No claims to submit, no codes to enter. Just get paid when you provide the service, document which vaccines you gave, and complete the chart—all in less than one minute.

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Does it cost anything to join the network?

It costs nothing to join the Digital Vaccination Network on AZOVA. We will ask for your Credit Card during the onboarding process in the event you choose to purchase additional services for your own business, but we will not charge you anything unless you specifically opt into it. We will also ask for your ACH information so be can pay you for the clinical services that you provide through the network.

Join AZOVA’s fully connected digital vaccination network!

Want to learn more about AZOVA’s networks? Join us for a live webinar and learn how you can participate.

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