Consult a colleague online

Consultations your colleagues, whenever and wherever.

AZOVA’s eConsult Network allows you to communicate with your colleagues in a variety of specialist. Request an eConsult whenever and wherever you are. These eConsults are requested and completed online. Simply select a specialty and provider and fill out any necessary information for your request. Your colleague will review everything you sent and will consult with your through the AZOVA app and website. Look at the steps below to see how it is done.

Step 1

Select which specialty you would like get an eConsult with.

Step 2

Purchase an eConsult from a provider in that specialty.

Step 3

Submit all needed documents & questions on AZOVA.

Step 4

The provider will contact you to consult with you.


Download the free AZOVA app for a seamless healthcare experience.

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“I messaged my doctor’s office, sent photos, got diagnosed and a prescription in a matter of four minutes. Holy cow! Then was able to message with the pharmacist and get my prescription delivered. This is the way healthcare is supposed to be.”

I saved 3 hours today

“I saved 3 hours today and didn't have to leave my house to see my doctor. I made an appt with my doctor through the Azova app. The doctor was able to do a video call and diagnose me based on my symptoms. I didn't have to sit insid

Got my covid results

“I was able to sign up for a covid test, I got the test in just a couple of days and did the test. I mailed it back and got my results in the app.”