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Getting care for your common concerns is a piece of cake with AZOVA! We have independent providers and pharmacists licensed in all 50 states meaning you always have access to healthcare where ever you are. Registering for a visit with a doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare provider takes minutes with AZOVA. Integrated video calling, record sharing, and secure messaging means all of your healthcare–from signing up to receiving a prescription–happens in one place. Select a condition and get started today.


Healthcare made simple for you

Step 1

Select the condition you would like to be seen for.

Step 2

Purchase a visit from a doctor or healthcare professional.

Step 3

Create an account on AZOVA and complete the health review.

Step 4

Complete the online video or secure messaging visit.


Download the free AZOVA app for a seamless healthcare experience.

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“I messaged my doctor’s office, sent photos, got diagnosed and a prescription in a matter of four minutes. Holy cow! Then was able to message with the pharmacist and get my prescription delivered. This is the way healthcare is supposed to be.”

I saved 3 hours today

“I saved 3 hours today and didn't have to leave my house to see my doctor. I made an appt with my doctor through the Azova app. The doctor was able to do a video call and diagnose me based on my symptoms. I didn't have to sit insid

Got my covid results

“I was able to sign up for a covid test, I got the test in just a couple of days and did the test. I mailed it back and got my results in the app.”